O King Eternal

O King Eternal upon your throne,___ extend your scepter that I may hold___ your favor tightly and be boldin your presence and not bemoanmy plight as if I were alone. Hear my night cries, defiant lies___ I tell myself when I’m undone.___ Meet them with your truth, cast the stonethe Christ, the King to circumcisemy... Continue Reading →

The Response.

(This is a quite personal reflection from some years ago. I am thankful Romans 8 comes after Romans 7) I have heard this feeling called “emptiness” – that which is experienced after a willful moral failure. This, however, is inaccurate. I do not feel empty. For I do not feel. What is experienced is nothing... Continue Reading →

Rage, My Soul.

Rage, my soul, against your God. By divine denial, sinful hope deferred. Weep, my soul, for your ignorance. Sin deferred is joy obtained. Cling, my soul, to Christ of the cross, For life, for love, for joy. Sing, my soul, of the Lamb who was slain, For ten thousand eternities, his grace unending.

Soldiers of the Heart

Consider all of your innermost desires. Put them forward, enumerate them. Now give them shape, mold them into persons, assign them wills and personality. Let them breathe and move, determine and act.  Fit them with armor, equip them with weapons of war, bestow them with honor as soldiers, let them be brave and resolved in... Continue Reading →

Look Beyond

O Unhindered Worm, who observe your own crawling and posit yourself free, Look to the eagle in the sky, And consider your confinement. O Limitless Droplet, who observe your own dimensions and posit yourself vast, Look to the oceans of the world, And consider your finitude. O Thunderous Ant, who observe your own burdens and... Continue Reading →

Til Morning Comes

Dear thoughts, Go to sleep once again. I know you’re restless and burning for answers but I am not wise enough to give you reply. Slumber for yet another day. I know you’re weary of your cage of ignorance but I have no strength to wrestle and tame. Lay your head down and rest. I... Continue Reading →

The Knowability of God

What’s remarkable is when the mind sets itself upon a concept that cannot be conceived; one that cannot be explored further than expression. One cannot ask the question, “What was before time and space?” because “before” can only be in time and space. It requires a change from one state to another, the measurement of... Continue Reading →

Tears of Fury

When the violent floodgates open wide their tears of fury, raging waves of rage concealed in apathetic vessel, who is the fittest captain of my soul? When plunged by billows into depths unknown, or depths known all too well, cavernous wells of despondent repose, who is the fittest captain of my soul? When ebb and... Continue Reading →

O God Enthroned in Sovereignty

In thy sin and in thy doubt, Let thy soul to Christ cry out. I cry and I plead, For thou my voice to heed. In wavering faith and stormy seas, I need more than Lebanon trees. My soul and spirit ache for thee, O God enthroned in sovereignty.

Sanctification: Sexual Purity

For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality.1 Thessalonians 4:3 (ESV) Sexual immorality is not a new problem. It is practically as old as human existence itself. The first instance we see of it in the Bible is in Gen 4:19 when Lamech (from the line of Cain)... Continue Reading →

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