O Peaceful Path

O peaceful path of wisdom, why do I find you so distrustful? Why is it that though convinced of your goodness, I am reluctant to follow you. I rather choose to trust my natural instincts toward the destructive path of folly. I know that way leads to utter ruin in the midst of the assembled congregation. Despite this knowledge, I make frequent expeditions into the land of fools. If continued, someday I may not remember the steps whence I came in order to return to blessedness but rather be stuck in the mire of ruin until I die. A terrifying thought indeed. O wise Counselor, Spirit of the living God, make me wise. Allow me to behold the glory and blessedness of Christ. Let me also grow in favor with God and men as the appropriate fruit of righteousness and wisdom and thus be like my Brother in humanity, that divine King, my Savior, Jesus of Nazareth, Son of the living God.

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